So, you bought Paul Ardennes's Udemy courses, you studied and studied and still can't make any $. Join Email me personally the login of your $100K account and I will delegate a professional trader to trade the account for you. Remember that the trader has to make at least 10% to keep the account trading (i.e. $10K/month profit). I keep 30% for the Club of course, the trader does too as normal (usually up to 30%) and finally the investors will need some support financially (that is fixed to 30%). You keep the rest (10%). If you're happy with that, email me at the above email address. I will respond personally.

Any trader who feels can perform in accordance with the Club's rules is welcome to email us for an assessment.

We provide a $100K live account for you to trade once we know that you can perform. Just do a performance test on FTMO and pass the test 3 times without fail. I'll fund you personally with a $100K account.

Recap of % sharing for Udemy course students: trader 30%, investors 30%, Club 30%, you keep10%.

Required:$100K account (it costs you 540 euros for the insurance premium and nothing else), $10K profit, $1K for you per month.


Basically, for a one off 540 euros insurance premium, you get forever $1K/month. Some of our students invest $400K. That is the maximum you can invest with FTMO but there is a scaling up scheme after that. So, the sky is the limit if there is any.


Wall Street Investors Club

Incorporation number: Pending

Registered address: Pending Delaware USA

Part of Univergy LLC Series USA